For those who knows the blog’s history, they know that the blog got hacked every now’n’then by skiddies and all.
For those who don’t, well, now you do.

WebsiteDefender (BETA), a website that checks your website for security threats every now’n’then and I actually I discovered some threats because of it. What’s so awesome about it is that it sort of integrates with WordPress (WP Security Scan plugin).

If you’re worried about your website’s security level (Specially WordPress), you should add it in your security arsenal (Not the soccer club you boons!).

Oh, it’s free and BETA too!


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    1. They provide me with a PHP file to upload in my root folder to keep on scanning.

      Doing that, they technically gain access to almost everything. But y’know, I sort of initially trust security firms as long as they help securing my stuff.

      Trust begins with sacrifices 😛

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