Star trailing: First attempt

Star trailing is a photography technique where you leave your camera clicking hundreds of pictures of stars then stack them use them whatever software…. Or at least thats my version of explaining it.

Few days ago, I went with friends to give it a shot and, well, here’s the result:
Startrail - First attempt 01

I did the following:

When you get the bunch, stack them with whatever software and you’ll be good.

I learned that, Fisheye lenses aren’t the best choice for star trailing because it gets light from unwanted areas. That, and moon does hide stars. Best result is when there’s no moon.

Also, hit the desert when you try it out. And better be somewhere deep where you can avoid light (Street lights to be more exact)… And don’t grill next to the camera, smoke kills the pictures xD

I’ll most likely try to play around with star trails next week :3

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