Three years…

Yes… It’s been three years since I registered this website… Three years wild ride…

Y’see, my initial goal of this website is to gather Kuwaiti geeks all together in a forum. But y’know, life changes everything and the website turned to a blog (And hopefully a forum coming in the way… My 4th maybe?).

Now, Q8GEEKS.ORG is a blog that discusses mostly tech, Kuwait-related and random stuff (Like my retarded visions).

And I’d like to tell everyone that the blog somehow maturized me (Is that even a word?)… From being an ignorant Linux Leet wannabe to a Microsoft Fanboy who still uses Xubuntu for aircrack-ng only :P.

Looking back to the old posts and incidents to remember how retarded things were… I mean, I can’t believe Palmhost got hacked by some skiddie and disappointed when they told me they won’t support PHP5 due to security reasons… I’m happy with JustHost so far… I hope nothing kinky happens…

I sincerely thank everyone got involved in either working, supporting or even disturbing the website… Wait, the latter one was me 😛

I sincerely thank every single viewer for checking the website. Without you, I wouldn’t have been interested in keeping the website alive =D

4 thoughts on “Three years…

  1. huh, three years! … I’ll be waiting for the blog post entitled “Thirty-three years…” 🙂

    What makes me sad is that the wayback machine (internet archive) has nothing from this site 🙁

  2. well said speech but does that mean from this day on u will be posting more geeki posts ?

  3. Happy 3 years anniversary!
    Your blog is turly one of my ultimate favorite things on the online!

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