Tutorial: How to bypass Megaupload Time Limit

Most of us watch our TV shows or movies online these days rather than relying on the ole tube box. But at the same time, it is a pain in the neck when the TV show or movie that we wanted to watch online has a lame time limit. The only way we can ever get to continue watching is we’d have to wait for 72 freak’n minutes or somehow change our IP address! Well not anymore. With Illimitux a Fire Fox web browser add-on you can easily bypass the time limitation from Megavideo websites and enjoy the everlasting online video streaming entertainment. I have tried it and it works flawless for me. I hope it will work the same for you. As Mario would say “HERE WE GO!”

1 – Go to firefox.com and download your copy of Firefox web browser.

2 – Once you’ve downloaded & installed Firefox on your computer click Tools > Add-ons and type in the search field Illimitux. Or you can click here

3 – Download & install illimitux and restart your Firefox web browser.

4 – Register yourself at illimitux (You need this).

5 – Go to any of your favorite online video site that are embedded by megavideo.com.

6 – Once the video loads up. Do NOT CLICK PLAY. Wait for 2 sec and you should see that illimitux has detected the megaupload video and it is ready to patch it up. Click “Patch.”

7 – You’ll then be taken to a completely separate webpage to view your video. You’re done! Congrats!

Another reason why open source rules over proprietary software competition.

NOTE: If you are being blocked by Qnet, Fasttelco or KEMS from viewing megaupload videos please refer to my previous tutorial post on how to get yourself a free VPN here.

12 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to bypass Megaupload Time Limit

  1. thnx for the tip 🙂
    will try it as soon as i get home :p
    i usually use hulu with Strongvpn service which is magnificent 😉

  2. @iVision, no problem. Glad I could help. Strong VPN does provide an amazing service. However, the one I’m providing you with is a free BetaVPN which will also give you full web access to the net. But it is not as good as Strong VPN.

  3. Oh yea. I faced that same problem but because it was case sensitive or something. What I did was I selected and copied both username and password including the specified IP address that came in the e-mail I have received from BetaVPN and pasted them in the right areas. At first for me it didn’t succeed cause I was typing it in. Try it again and double check the e-mail that came a long with it for a link that will take you to an image instruction guideline (depending on which OS you’re using).

  4. REALLY :s am soo soorryy for that actually i’m far from the forum since the blog got closed.. But i will unban you right away 🙂 What is your user


    You should change the registration policy. I’m sure you lost a lot of potential members because the forum keeps banning every new user.

  6. hmm.. now that is weird its not working for me dont know what went wrong i get that time limit again even though im using this and ive gone through all of your steps.

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