Could it be true? A KU forum?!

Okay so I’ve just realized that the science faculty is saturated with this “coming soon” poster!

They haven’t said anything about a forum, but the link said it! “” That’s vBulletin forum’s default directory (i think,  since the devs here leave stuff as they are and most kuwaiti vBulletin forums got that /vb/).

*types in the url*

Oh! heh! It’s already there! I’m right, it’s a KU forum! meh! But you know, this might be a chance to do some fishing! I’m pretty sure every one interested in PCs will take a look at it, so we might have a chance to find hidden geeks!! Hmmm … a “Geeks say hi here” thread?! something like that would do it for sure!

Okay im confused now! it says coming soon, yet the sing up page is accessible! I just tried signing up but, i couldn’t! I COULDN’T ANSWER THE RANDOM QUESTION! It’s “ما هي عاصمة الكويت” i tried “العاصة” and “عاصمة”, but none of those two worked! Is it possible that it got changed! XD

Though, one thing is getting on my nerves, WTH DID THEY TAKE ANOTHER DOMAIN!! And why .in (india)!!! Their site already has a forum link (not functioning), they could have just installed it on the same server to have the same domain instead of doing this, which will resault in redirecting visitors! Stupid … call me picky if you want to, but i won’t stop complaining on such stupidity!

Anyways, … KU forum “will be out” for the public soon! \o/

18 thoughts on “Could it be true? A KU forum?!

  1. did u seriously try to answer the question: “ما هي عاصمة الكويت”

    with : “العاصة” and “عاصمة” ???

    FFS its الكويت or كويت…….

    I knew that when i was 6….

    u my friend just epic failed !!!

    1. XD, although this is embarrassing, i will not change the blog post!!! lol, just dont blame me, im not the kind of a guy who knows/remembers these stuff!

      I just hope i wont forget this “important” piece of information >_<

      Thanks for telling me though!

  2. lol epic fail indeed.

    I think they’re using the .in domain because it is not an official forum. perhaps maintained by the current student union?

      1. I’m telling you, it’s not official (not from the university anyway). think.
        they already have a .edu and a, so why the apple jacks would they need a .in one.

  3. okey mohammed i know i came 5months late but its okay is not the KU forums its just lets say a fan site
    and about the coming soon poster i particpated in the event u could’ve just ask MEH duhhhh
    its a social event sponsord by the website under the name of KU thats it 😀

    1. … stranger, you are a stranger! So there is no way I could have asked you; YOU’RE A STRANGER!!! If people knew strangers, there would be no strangers! That also means that all Kuwaiti geeks know each other which would make this site rather active!

    1. Dude, that’s the reason why I emphasized on your rubbish nickname you came up with on the go! Stick with one that people can identify you!

      I know that you know me, … mentioning my real name with a minor hint! Gulfnet was they give away hint since you’re the only one I know who’s subscribed to Gulfnet!

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