This would be so nasty if it happened here in Kuwait

What a funny payback for those who pirated that specific visual novel 😛

I’ll explain in a short version (I hope I get it right),

The novel was out somewhere in filesharing sites where people who wouldn’t buy it can download it for free (Including me, if I was interested ofcourse).

However, a small trojan comes with the novel as a game (I’d safely assume a hentai game :P) and ask user for some personal questions as a survey, then post’em I think here.

What’s so funny is the trojan warns the victim about the whole thing in the conditions of service, but because we’re so used not to read whatever notices, it just hits him.

I wonder what would the Kuwaiti version be… Hmmmmm… Probably some butterface alienwared local TV star biography (Which hints that includes some sexual and erotic story but turns out they’re talking about make up and kitchen) and then it installs Prorat or whatever lame spyware that our common users are vulnerable to due to the amount of JUNK they download…

In fact, I might consider doing that sometime soon… Muahahahaha =P


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