How to Bypass Sony PS3 3.21 UPDATE

Don’t want to update to Sony’s latest 3.21 firmware update on your PS3. Well guess what there is an official way to bypass it and yet still be online. This is great news to all PS3 owners who don’t want to update to Sony’s 3.21 update. The youtube video below will show you how to bypass the firmware update.

So why didn’t I upgrade to the 3.21? Personally for me I did not upgrade my firmware because of three things.

1. I have the first old 60gb launch date model with PS2 compatibility. The device that I hold can easily get a fluke from Sony’s updates which will causes my system to either crash during a game or possibly get the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD). Whenever there is an update I wait to see what happens within a day, a week or a month even until I know for sure that the update is clean and it does not harm FAT PS3 model.

2. I am a patient person and the battle between big major corperation vs consumer rights always interests to see how the end results unfold.

3. I like to fiddle, mod and hack with technical stuff to see how a device or system works. If I do find something of interest to play with I’ll probably take advantage of it and see how I can benefit from it or make use of it. And no, I do not support video game piracy at all. I like to have my games original because they are worth every single penny or fils and the video game companies deserve it.

But wait, if I was to bypass the DNS wouldn’t that ban me from PSN or will my system get YLOD?

Banning is not possible. After doing couple of google search, turns out that bypassing DNS was not discovered recently but an old loop hole trick that’s been used previously for people do not want to upgrade to Sony’s latest firmware. I guess people have known about it long before I have but it only came out due Sony removal the Linux OS feature. And no it will not causes any online game-play slowdown or lag. I’ve tested it out.

As for the YLOD, it’s not gonna happen. Because I have been using the 3.20 firmware for a longest time and I am satisfied with it so I know that I am not taking a risk on my old console.

Hope you enjoy it.


Here are two more other ways to do it. Both methods are similar.
Link: Method 1
Link: Method 2

6 thoughts on “How to Bypass Sony PS3 3.21 UPDATE

  1. People have already talked about how the feel about this situation in earlier posts. Personally I think what you’re doing is wrong. When you purchase an item from a company, you agree to their terms of services. The terms of services is like a contract. When you sign a contract, you are more or less stuck with it unless stated within the contract itself. Bypassing this update is breaking the contract.

    As for sony removing the option to install other OS’s, I blame Geohot. Seriously, who would think Sony would sit around and wait for hackers to figure out how to pirate PS3 games after what happen to the PSP? Either Geohot is lacking in the common sense department or Geohot knew but wanted more 15 minutes fame because releasing the exploit is one step closer to piracy.

    Every since piracy gone out of control with the PSP, I haven’t used it as much because of the lack of good games. I rather this not happen to the PS3.

    I know some claim his exploit won’t lead to piracy but Sony took a month before removing OtherOs option. Sony most likely search for alternative options before ultimately deciding that there is a possibility of leading to piracy otherwise Sony could have easily removed the OtherOs the moment the exploit was release. Like many business decision, the benefits must outweigh the bad. The amount of actually Linux user is tiny, and the effect of piracy is costly. Last thing we need is another firmware war between Sony and hackers.

    Geohot is the cause, removing OtherOs is the effect. Sony didn’t have to include OtherOs but they did. Now it’s abused, they have the right to remove it to protect the interest of their company. Just like all things in life, it only take one douche to abuse something good, and everyone will have to pay the price.

    and yes i know that other people have mentioned this earlier but i just thought that i’d give my 2 cents.

  2. DW80’s: Just so yeh know, we dont have xbox’s .. its Yellow Light of Death (YLoD) ..
    I like my PS3 With no Rings on it 😀

    and im surprised they didnt patch that out .. oh well, guess not everything is as easy to remove as remove OS option

    Gluck with the bypassing guys, just know that i bet with newer games (like SSIV) your going to have to do a Mandatory system update to play..

  3. @Eleet, Oh crap. LOL!! Thanks for pointing that out. Just fixed that part. As for the built in patches for the newer games that’s coming out. All I can say only time will tell.

  4. Thanks, but eleet is right. newer games will eventually catch up. I just hope another alternative pops up.
    At least this will keep my friend busy until a more permanent solution is available

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