This is why I prefer Bing over Google as a homepage

Leaving my fanboyism aside, I have one good reason to love Bing over Google search: The main page.

Yes, search results are different in relativity. But Bing is improving really. I still rely on Google to find me answers, but Bing isn’t doing a bad job either (Specially since I’ve been looking for MSDN-related searches where Bing bests Google in that).

But one thing that made me prefer having Bing as my homepage… Check out the pictures below:

The background picture… Yes…
Google loads faster? True, but we’re not in the 90’s where I’d worry about loading the page faster… The difference is a second or so… I can wait for that…
Bing backgrounds are beautiful. So beautiful that I sometimes open my browser just to check out their latest pictures (And then end up going to Flickr’s explore).
That, and Bing backgrounds gives me new ideas and thoughts.

Call me crazy, Microsoft fanboy or Google hater… I still prefer Bing as a homepage over Google as a homepage xD

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “This is why I prefer Bing over Google as a homepage

  1. Why would it change by itself?

    Go to the main page, hover your mouse around & you’ll get an option to change the BG image.

    I think it’ll be associated to you through a cookie or your account if you were logged in.


    No really, Bing backgrounds are fun to be surprised by. If I let it be controlled by cookies, my backgrounds would’ve been filled with LOLCATS and /b/ stuff xD

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