Genetic Mutation, Growth Hormone and Immunity:

Most villagers in a small small Ecuadorian village are known to have Laron Syndrome, which is genetic mutation resulting in their dwarfism. A 24 years long research carried out by Ecuadorian doctor, Guevara-Aguirre, uncovered that this particular mutation does not only affect the level of growth hormones, but it also gives them immunity to cancer and diabetes!

Apparently, the genetic mutation gave their cells superpowers. You see, when researchers extracted some of their cells to run some tests, it was found that they were unaffected by artificial damages, and if any damage did occur in a cell, the cell self-destruct itself! Meaning, the damaged cell wont replicate and produce more damaged cells, like in cancer.

3D image of the human Growth Hormone

Another study in Ohio University showed that some mice, who also have low level of growth hormones, lived longer than those with normal level of growth hormone.

To break it down for you, lower growth hormone levels could be a factor for longer life. Great news for short people, I guess 😛


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