Swine Flu Gives You Superpowers!

The pandemic of 2009, Swine Flu, affected approximately 60 million people, caused a lot of panic, even though its  effects were relatively moderate considering that it was an unknown virus, and only ~18,000 people reported died from it.

Recent research discovered that swine flu is a quite unusual virus, that is people who have been infected with it were given a supercharged immune system. How does that happen, you might ask. Well, when the body was first infected with this virus, it didn’t know what to do with it, so it started making all kinds of antibodies it has memory of, until it found the right one that can ward off swine flu. The result was now the immune system is filled with so many antibodies for all kinds of flu known.

Here lies the possibility of making a Universal Flu Vaccine out of the swine flu vaccine, one vaccine that can protect against all the various kinds of flu viruses. Though researcher still aren’t sure if the effect of swine flu virus is the same as the effect of the swine flu vaccine, but researches in that field will be conducted soon.


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