First Film & Comic Con to hit the Middle EAST!!

I received a very interesting link from a friend of mine earlier this afternoon before I was about to head out to gym. It made me drop all my gears behind to reread the link once again and hoped that I was not imagining things.
Ladies and gents and of children of all ages, Film & Comic Con is coming to the Middle East!!

It is an exciting moment and a dream come true for all us! I personally have always dreamed that one day if ever had the chance to go to Europe or the US I would definitely make my future trip to a Comic Con festival. But now I don’t have to think about that anymore because Comic Con is coming to me!!! Hell YEA!!

If you are not familiar with Comic Con, it is simply a festival entertainment to all pop culture lovers ranging from science fiction, comic books, video games, manga, anime, illustration art, movie genre and animations, collectibles and etc all under one roof.

The Middle East & Comic Con will debut at Abu Dhabi’s National Exhibition Center in April 2011. There is currently no specific date as to when or how to get tickets and which hotel is accommodated for it. However, right now they are currently selling exhibition space. So if you happen to be an illustrator artist, a merchandise collector or an animation studio this is your chance to take part in of the biggest pop culture event ever.

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2 thoughts on “First Film & Comic Con to hit the Middle EAST!!

    1. I doubt it. But you have to admit this is something BIG!!! Nothing like it ever happened before. I would be even more amazing if some famous comic book artist or writers would show up there for book or collectible signings.

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