Startrail session 3

A shooting star [November, 14th, 2012]

AlSalmi Startrail [November 14th, 2012]

Yep, I’m at it again 😀

Well, it’ll be my last until I leave the country to conquer Northern Europe (I’ll be coming back in early February). So you better check it out before it’s too late!

We weren’t many when we went last time, but we had so much fun that I can’t remember the last time I teared down from laughter 😀

So this will hopefully be a better trip than the last two!

I’m planning on leaving the city by 4:00pm. But I know that work could screw me over and, well, many can’t leave the city by that time. So here’s a better deal: If you can’t make it in time, I’ll send you location at that day and directions on how to get there and things you’d want to look out for when you’re driving (Or maybe the precise location if I arrived there before you decide to leave)

What you’ll expect:
* Cold weather. We’re talking something close to 6 Celsius!
* A fire! Feel free to rain dance, I’ll join in!
* Silence… Well, except for the noise we make and passing by cars\trucks.
* Eyegasmic sky. Something you’ll never witness in the urban environment. I’m talking milkyway here!
* Flares. For some reason, you can see flares in the horizon… Perhaps some training is going out there?
* Shooting stars! Yes! Many wishes to wish upon too!

What you won’t expect:
* Cold weather. Yes, just because we live in the desert doesn’t mean it won’t be cold. It will.
* Silence. It might freak you out. It did first time being there.
* Picking up your trash. No, I won’t. Hell, we won’t! We all pick our trash!
* Booze/weed. Because if I knew, I’ll personally report you. Bad history.
* Formality. We’re there to have fun, not make a diplomatic relationship between different countries.
* Cookies. Because *NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM*

What we expect:
* Food. Bring your own. Although I don’t think anyone would mind sharing food.
* A closet! No really, it’ll be cold out there. Bring a jacket or two!
* General behavior: No trashing or leaving a trace of our arrival (except tracks and coal).
* Probably a flash light. Apparently it was so useful last time.
* Chairs and carpets. You’ll probably want to sit on a chair or lay on a carpet (Or maybe fly, god knows).

If you’re coming just to gaze and socialize, you’re so welcome! I’ll make you tea!

But if you’re coming to click away your camera, Please consider the following:
* MEMORY AND BATTERIES!! By memory, I’m talking 16GB and more.
* A heavy and sturdy tripod. Something you’d use in a one-to-one combat! Really, something heavy just in case it became windy (Not Casper).
* A remote to lock your shutter. If you can’t, a rubber band and a piece of paper could do. But you’ll suffer.
* Perhaps another camera to play around with if you can afford the luxury.

Please contact me for more details if you’re interested. You can: send me an email, leave a comment here, send me an SMS/WhatsApp message (If you already know my number), send me a pigeon, your call!

2 thoughts on “Startrail session 3

  1. im not a photographer but id like to come check this out, i also dont think ill be able to get off work on time, and i live in shuwaikh, so what exactly do i need to do to get to where this will be? is the desert in the north or south? and 4×4 or regular sedan?
    thanx mate and im hoping i can make it :p

    1. Well, due to an unfortunate events, I had to push it for one more day. So we’re heading out by Friday.

      If you still can’t make it that early, well, I’ll send you the geotag as soon as I get there.

      No need for a 4×4, I go there with my crappy and cranky Mitsubishi Lancer. So no worries 😀

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