Startrail session 2

I’m doing it again. Why? Because KEEFY!!

Not really, it’s a shame not many people get to see the view in pitch black sky!

So yeah, I decided to make a new event in Qlendar for people who’ve been there to tag along again and those who couldn’t make it to try again!

Last time we were more than 10 people there enjoying our time. Thankfully, nothing weird happened and everything went as smooth as silk (Minus the dusty weather which turned out fine at the end!)

Interested? Well check this out!!

What you’ll need is this:
* Food
* Grill if you’re going to cook something
* Drinks
* Warm clothes

Now, if you want to click photos, you’ll need to follow these notes:
* Bring a Tripod and a shutter release cable or a remote
* Bring a HEAVY tripod!
* Leave the camera to click away and enjoy the view yourself
* Depends on what you want to do, keep the ISO range from 100 to 800
* Aperture as big as possible (So you don’t mistake my meaning, as small number as possible)
* Bring the WIDEST lens you can attach to your camera. Usually 18-55mm is fine.

Want to participate? Drop a comment, send me an email or send me an SMS\Whatsapp if you previously know my number. I will keep you up to date and tell you in details what you’d need to do and what not.

What you can do is this:

Startrail AlSalmi [August 12th, 2012]

AlSalmi Startrail meets Milkyway [August, 14th, 2012]

AlSalmi Startrail for ~1:30'00"

11 thoughts on “Startrail session 2

  1. I am interested in participating in this event. Can u provide details pls? How does one register?? How far is Al salmi from Abu Halifa? is SUV/ 4×4 a must? does the group travel in a comvoy? when does the group start from Alsalmi back to city?

  2. Chkd the mail… didnt find any mail from you.. just the comment above..chkd junk folder also
    can u resend pls?

  3. hi there , I dont know if this is late response but you didn’t say when will it be ? I’m interested, as I have been to Salmi before but it was full moon :'(
    any way contact me if you can this is my no. ********
    I will be free in the nex couple of days ….
    CHEERS !!!

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