Vimeo vs YouTube vs Flickr

Alright, so I have a video of clouds passing over full moon. And because YouTube usually drops the quality (Or framerate), I decided to give Vimeo and Flickr a shot.

Below is the embedded videos of YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr (In order).

Well. Here’s my quick take over them all:

You can’t even compare its popularity and availability and all.
I like the fact that you can adjust and enhance the videos you upload such as stabilizing it and auto-fix contrast and brightness.
Another thing I like is instant video-process and availability. And it’s FREE! You can also add music or mute it. Long story short, you can enhance it in many ways.
What I don’t like about it is quality and FPS degrading (Compared to other providers).

It’s popular, but not as YouTube. Yet, still popular. If you know how to process videos without having to rely on YouTube’s enhancing thingies (My case, I herp-derp when it comes to videos), stick to YouTube. If you’re sure you have the final result and you don’t need to enhance it even the bit, I’d recommend going for Vimeo.
I liked the framerate and quality consistence (Unlike YouTube where it degraded). And the fact that you can add music provided by Vimeo for your video and mix it (This feature exists in YouTube too).
What I don’t like is the lack of enhancements I can apply such as stabilizing the video, color adjusting (Contract and whatever). That, and the fact that I’ll have to wait in queue to have my video processed and size limit. But that wouldn’t be an issue if you pay a little.
If you care about your content and can spare a little bit of money, I’d personally go with Vimeo (I’m considering it now)

No really, I’ll be serious… HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHHWOEIPN&#*(57ypz89pemct8yr;ogi.

Flickr should just stick to pictures. Yes, the quality and framerate won’t degrade like YouTube, but thats just it. No control or enhancement of whatsoever! Not even audio mixing!

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