7 thoughts on “Short Gmod Comic

  1. i could say something nice, but i’ll stick with being truthful.
    – you should try putting in more details like when chuck explodes. i still don’t know who chuck is.
    – I can summarize the events depicted in the commic in one sentence: zombies are attacking. you should have ended it with something other than zombies who attack. maybe that’s the point. i don’t know.
    – please use a bigger font size.

    maybe i’m jumping the gun here, so i’ll just wait and see what’s going to happen next.

  2. Chuck is CHUCK from Dead rising 2 , if you look closely you can see him falling and zombies jumping on him , anyway , theres some flaws in this scene ima try fixing them today

  3. I did get it! 🙂

    But uh, what game is that?

    Side notes:
    It seems to me that you’ve used a bitmap image manipulation app! If so, try using a vector graphics application (i.e InkScape) in this case! Cause speech bubbles, objects, and text are easier to handle IMHO! Alignment features are also helpful!

    Also, you’re taking the entire scenes! I think it’d be better if you crop the main part of it and get them all in one sheet in the end!

  4. The game is Called : Garry’s mod , its a Steam game that requires other Valve games like :
    Day of defeat :source , Counter strike source , Half life :source /lost coast/EP:1/EP:2 / Team fortress 2 and other supported games .

    you can use Character as RAGDOLLS and modify their positions Etc… or make funny random videos .

    I’m using Microsoft paint , lol this system is Fresh so forgive me i couldn’t properly crop it in paint

    1. No offense, but did you not use Win paint enough to know how to “properly crop” an image? LOL!

      Anyways, I hope to see more of your work! This is the beginning! With time, I’m hoping to see more geeky and professional work! Keep it up buddy! 🙂

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