Ps3 First Custom firmware !!

Thanks to KaKaRoTo, a PS3 hacker, CFW have been released for the Ps3 that can be installed without the need of “”boards”” or PsJailbreak.
He didn’t release the CFW Firmware. But instead, he did Release the tools to make one yourself. Also, this CFW doesn’t allow Backups to be launched. But it does allow Signed Homebrew apps to be ran.

Any who, We both know its only a matter of time for a CFW that enables backup games and homebrew to be launched. Its a ticking time bomb for Sony…

Ever since Geohot found the Ps3 Rootkey. 2011 will be the Golden Homebrew age of the Ps3.

Also on a side note, a Ps3 hacker named Fail0verflow said:

Ps3 security is EPIC fail !! and its gonna be Owned  Without the use of dongles

And there’s a tool that makes ANY homebrew app Signed as if it was made by Sony! I can already hear Sony crying… Oh its a wonderful year for the Ps3 homebrew scene!

Sources : Ps3hax

7 thoughts on “Ps3 First Custom firmware !!

  1. First peace of good news I’ve heard in a while 🙂
    thanks for sharing.

    if anyone wants to learn how it’s done, there is a 27c3 video of it everywhere. just search 27c3 + ps3.
    there was a article with all the vids on hackaday too.

    I probably install the fw just to spite sony.

  2. Oh well. I guess the system had a good run. Hell it took it 4 years for it crack and no one thought it was possible just rumors spreading disease on the net and ripping peoples money off.

  3. Ps3 security is EPIC fail !! and its gonna be Owned Without the use of dongles

    LOL yet it only took you 4 years.

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