Microsoft at CES 2011

Man, checking Microsoft’s CES keynote is really entertaining =D

You can YouTUBE it up, but I’ll summarize it for you:
Microsoft talked about Microsoft and Microsoft in the near future.

Microsoft now is how fun Kinect is and Windows Phone 7… Things we all know about and stuff…
What’s interesting is that they demonstrated some great devices such as Samsung’s Surface, ASUS eeePC (That has a Core i5 CPU!) and Samsung’s “Slide the keyboard down” tablet.

Microsoft tomorrow is all about moving Windows on ARM processors and how thin Microsoft Surface became. They even demonstrated Windows 7 on prototyped ARM CPUs from 3 vendors!

So yea… These devices will float up, Linux hackers will kick in Linux distros and things will get nasteeh!!

If you fancy more details, you can check the links below and see the videos:
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5

6 thoughts on “Microsoft at CES 2011

  1. Oh wait, did you say ‘moving Windows on ARM processors’? ‘Move’ is a big word, did you mean that they’ll only support ARM architecture? That doesn’t make sense, that’s even dumb!

    Hopefully, it’s not what you really meant! Cause otherwise all PCs will be ARM if they’re gonna run win8 which means that you must use a linux distro that supports ARM and you can’t even install it (dual-booting) on and other machines (including MACs) … This would change a lot of things!

    But nah, it’s more likely that you’ve made a tiny horrifying mistake while writing this!

  2. No no no no NO! They won’t just support ARM only. They’ll add native support to ARM processors.

    The next Windows will run on ARM. They’ve already demonstrated the possibility with the current Windows 7 (After re-writing drivers).

  3. Windows on ARM won’t work well. There’s hardly any programs for it, and don’t say “office” because that’s the only Program they have for it. People are better off installing Linux. I mean, just look at the packages for Debian on ARM. Everything is available from office to Gimp.

  4. Dude, seriously, did you even check the video?

    What they demonstrated is a glimpse of what Microsoft are up to in their next release. Ofcourse, Windows 7 won’t do ARM, but the next one will… Just like how it does AMD and INTEL… And probably someone else’ mom…

    The next OS will provide native support to ARM processors. They’ll need to rewrite the whole drivers to let the OS compatible with ARM and x86 which is why they’re shifting it to the next OS.

    Seriously guys, atleast check the video before you comment -_-;

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