an EXCLUSIVE RIFT Bot for Q8Geek’ers

Made in Kuwait

So it’s about time that I’ve made my first blog post EVAR! I’ve decided to finally post about the work I’ve been doing.

First, an introduction about who I am — since it’s my first post and everything — I be the partner of our friend loolykinns(Q8Geek) on his Project. in a nutshell, I’m a programmer and I’m inlove with my profession. Oh and Also, I’m the founder of, ’nuff said. Now for the juicy stuff….

Me and a friend have been working on a bot for about a week now, we’re still in our first version (barely alpha) bot for Rift (The MMORPG game), but we have finished all the basic functionality of it.
We’re looking for Alpha/beta testers to release our exclusive bot.

What is a bot?
Simply, a program that plays the game for you the way you want it while you’re at work, out, sleeping, etc…

Link to the game:

A Random Image from google of the game itself:

Now, Our bot “At the moment” has the following:
– Fighting
– Looting
– Auto Un-stuck
– Waypoint System (Can create profiles and play them.)
– and more…

We’ll constantly be adding more features and options but we would love beta testers and feedback about it.
If you are interested, drop a comment in and I’ll contact you. (Any comments are appreciated.)

It’s an unnamed bot, but we have given it like a Prototype name “KillaR”, I know ’tis stupid and everything but meh took us like 2 minutes to come up with the name xD.


UPDATE: We are looking for recruits, anyone interested in joining the dev team, please leave a comment below.
– Knows Programming (C# is a requirement)

2 thoughts on “an EXCLUSIVE RIFT Bot for Q8Geek’ers

  1. Ey welcome to the q8geeks community 🙂

    I don’t really play MMO’s however mad respect for building said bot

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