[Migrated from Loolykinns] A story from FASTtelco’s era: I blame myself for calling

Working in call centers forbids us from using the mobile. However, if it’s an urgent call (Parents or some sort of emergency call), it’s ok to handle it.

Now, before I switch my phone to N900, I had SonyEricsson w800i which I can safely say if it had a previous life, it wasn’t good at all xD

My ringtone was whats below, so you know how it knocks everyone down laughing xD

Anyway, there was this day where I was talking to a customer and I forgot to put my phone on silent. Here’s the funny part:
Customer: So I plug the phone cable now?
*The “Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom” ringtone starts kicking for 3 seconds before I shut it up*
Me: Sorry, yes, plug the <del>–</del>
Customer: What was that?
Me: I’m sorry sir, dad called and I forgot to my mobile on silent. I apologize for being rude.
Customer: No no, let me hear it
Me: Trust me, you don’t want to hear it.
Customer: I insist, I want to hear it.
Me: You sure? Don’t hold me responsible for what happens.
*Me playing the ringtone to the end while the team leader is staring at me and me shrugging*
Customer: هذي رنة؟ والله الشرهة علي اني دقيت You call this a ringtone? It’s my fault for calling you!
Me: انا مو قلت لك ماتبي تسمعها؟ Told you that you don’t want to listen to it.
Customer: الحين ششيلها من مخي؟ Now how am I supposed to take it off my head?
Me: محد قالك ماتسمع كلامي No one told you not to take my word!
*Laughter from both sides and the team leader jamming on it on the other side*

Word from the wise:

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