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Well, we all know that most of the Kuwaiti sites are developed according to the “IE standard” and does not follow the standard . It’s nothing new to mention that Kuwait University portal doesn’t play well with FireFox, Chrome/ium, or Opera. But you know what would be a total FAIL? One that doesn’t support IE itself.

Well, that’s kind of similar to KU’s scenario. It turns out that the “IE standard” they were on is no longer supported by IE9. … LMAO-ed? You should’ve. XD


That’s not the worst part actually, the worst is yet to be mentioned. So, put yourself in this situation: you spotted a problem, what do you naturally do? Fix it, right? But I don’t think the guys at KU agree with you. Instead, they demonstrated a workaround on their site to get portal working in IE9. Wanna know what the workaround is? ENABLING IE7 STANDARDS IN IE9! *slams face on keyboard*

Here, take a look at it [link].

To the guy who posted this workaround: Shame, shame on you; Letting “users” use developer Tools to fix others’ mistakes! SHAME!

To the guy(s) who coded the portal: Look, you either grow a beard and follow W3C standards, … or just support IE6. XP

Thanks for sharing, Sig.

4 thoughts on “KUNIV Portal FAIL!

  1. About 10 years ago I saw that all US government websites are required by law and are actually supporting web standards including accessibility practices that enable blind people to reach those websites with screen readers, and here we are in 2011 ,using a government website that only supports a single (outdated) version of a non standard compliant browser from a single vendor ! It is in fact shameful !

  2. looooooooool epic fail !!! XD
    im sure if they put anxie alone he would do a better job then these developers !!
    what an amateurs ~_~

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