PSP Tissue Box

PSP Tissue Boxes

A lot of us own PSPs and their boxes, we know what to do with the PSP but a lot doesn’t know what to do with the boxes.  Some of us have thrown them away, but others didn’t; keeping them for no reason, not using them! well, I’ve got this thing to make you keep it, and to get some use out of it! Instead of keeping it in a drawer gaining dirt, you can put it on your desk,… make it a tissue box! I got inspired by MurderHeWrote. The best thing is that every time someone wants to take a tissue, he gets surprised and his face is like “!!!”. So make  one, and you’ll never regret it! And I’d like to thank SIGTERMer for lending me his PSP’s box, so thank you. …Anyways, enjoy the tutorial.

How to make your own:

STEP1. Bring your box, a normal tissue box, a scissor, and a sharp tool (a knife would do the job).


STEP2. Open the box.


STEP3. Cut the useless extra cardboard.


STEP4. Measure the hight and the with of the place where the tissues get out.

STEP5. Draw it on the box.


STEP6. Take your sharp tool and cut the shape that you’ve just draw.


By now, it should be like this.

Empty Box

STEP7. Get out the tissues from the original tissue box  and put them in  PSP’s box.



The next step is an additional step to make it easier to open the box every time you want to refill it.

STEP8. Cut the edge to make it like a small triangle.


Here you have it, your own PSP Tissue Box,… enjoy!


If you would like to have a copy of this tutorial, then click on the link here to download the 1 page PDF file.

by Anxious Nut

4 thoughts on “PSP Tissue Box

  1. ThanX

    and…. well kinda, I had to borrow a camera and find a box, to me that was HARD! but at the end … here it is.

  2. GOOD TO HEAR THAT 😀 my advice… do it, it won’t take time plus it’s good looking! you’ll love it.

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