Remember my post about Afro Samurai game? Well, you might want to read this post as well (An they made a PS3 game out of it too)…

This proves my theory:

A game based on an Anime == Mostly sucks (Few exceptions)

The game got criticized so bad… Here’s the scores it got: 64/100
Game Informer: 7.5/10
Game Spot: 7/10
Games Radar: 5/10

I’m still sure people here in Kuwait would love that game because it’s based on an anime that got “Samuel L. Jackson” involved since we have ALOT of black\rappers wannabes… How sad…

Again I repeat, I have nothing against black people, I like’em… some of’em are my good friends… I even ate with some of’em in the same dish\plate too (In Arab culture, it means that I consider you something close to a family member… More or less… I don’t know about other cultures)… I just don’t want anyone to think I’m against’em… Bad experience

Well, Read the Gamasutra post to know more about the details (There’s alot details there)

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