PS3 Owners Beware of 3.21 Bugs!!

Well well… Lookee here. I knew it! I know how Sony moves with their firmware update. No surprises here folks. It appears that lot of people are facing problems with the new 3.21 firmware update that Sony released for removing the “Other OS” feature. I am so glad that I did not bother in updating my PS3 because of a quick firmware update that Sony releases on such quick notice just to counter an exploit found in their system. It was too easy to predict. An advice I would give to those who have upgraded to the 3.21 firmware, be careful of your console. You may not get it now but you will eventually get the bug later. Just sit tight for the next update Sony will release to fix the 3.21 bug. Here are some of the issues that other PS3 owners claimed to to be facing from the 3.21 firmware update.

– Not being able log on to PSN
– Not being able to load a disc
– Not being able to turn on their PS3
– The PS3 freezes during the update process

Source: Engadget

In other news, George Hotz A.K.A Geohot gains major web popularity for showing off a demo of his custom firmware running on the latest 3.21 firmware update. He claims that with his custom firmware it is possible for PS3 slim user to enable “Other OS” feature. A feature that was never given to the slim line models.

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