IPAD: 2 batteries 1 chip?

Disection of an Ipad

So it was coming sooner or later :p
A company disected the Ipad and guess what ? It IS just a huge ipod touch!, 2 huge batteries and a small chip.

What pisses me off is that apple has the technology to create a much better product, and better iphones/ ipods, etc… but they dont give em to us. They just release a crappy version, get ppl hyped up about it then a while later they come and say: Look! now we will add X ! so throw away ur current product and get this! etc.. etc..
They’re just playing us around


6 thoughts on “IPAD: 2 batteries 1 chip?

  1. The thing is, most people think its a tablet PC! Come on. But you know, very expected from Apple…

  2. whow, whow! easy on them fencer! what you mentioned is for human beings, not for apple slaves!! so, iSlaves stick to your iPads 😀 while we, humans, get the gewd stuff!

  3. That is true and it is the only reason that is stopping me from getting an iphone

    and just so you know they are also doing that in their laptops they make brand new ones every 3 months and the features they add are usually stuff people need.

    That’s the only reason apple is still alive, if they make a product that has every small feature people can think of no one will buy the new one

    and don’t forget that the CEO isn’t a computer guy, he is a marketing guy.

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