I received this tip from a friend. VPN On Demand currently have their website up and they are taking in beta users to test out their VPN services. So what does that mean. VPN allows you to browse the web without any restriction. You’ll be surfing the web on a US IP address. Therefore you’ll enjoy all the benefits the USA multimedia has to offer right at your home. Here is a list of things you can do with this to get the ultimate experience.

– Secure your internet connection on public networks
– Access to US restricted content Ex. iTunes or Amazon US DL content stores,, or the PS3 movies download via PlayStation Networks.
– Browse the internet anonymously (proxy is not needed)

So hurry up and grab your free account today! To have this privilege what you need to do is send VPN On Demand an email regarding their offer with the subject “vpnod”.

This is their e-mail address:

Don’t miss this chance to become one of their private beta users and to receive a free VPN On Demand account

Link to VPN On Demand:

7 thoughts on “Beta VPN – DO NOT MISS THIS CHANCE!!

  1. @ slartibarfaster:

    1- go to synaptic package manager and search for PPTP
    2- download package 1,3,4,5 and 6
    3- go to network manager and choose to create new VPN
    4- enter the username and password and gateway they gave you (leave the domain empty)
    5- go to advanced and tick “Use point to point encryption (MPPE)
    6- security choose 128 bit and press OK and that’s it 😀

  2. Oh and forgot to mention, restart your network manager after you finish all the steps with :

    sudo /etc/init.d/network-manager restart

  3. hey!
    i sent the email and entered the information in the needed places but still cant get it working on my ipad nor on my macbook!!

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