Project Evade – Post 1: First preview!

Yes, I haven’t been active lately due to life circumstances. Like, y’know, work and family?

A lot happened though:

  • I released the “قطو أثول” game on both English and Arabic.
  • I’ve been experimenting and brainstorming on my Ministry Simulator game (BTW, if you’re a 3D artist, I do need your help here!)
  • I’ve been busy with work a lot. Some new big changes that are keeping me occupied

Excuses excuses excuses, right? I know! Really though, I’ve been super busy recently.

Anyway, just because I’m busy doesn’t mean I gave up on my dream game. I mean, yes, I saw this game and I got devastated because that’s almost how I wanted my game to be like! Instead of giving up, I decided to carry on building it just to get it off my system. It’ll take a while, but at the end of the who thing, I can say “Well, I did something I’ve always dreamed of. NEXT!”.

So, Project Evade is the name I’m giving for this game. If I can explain it in words, it’ll be like this:

It’s what you get if Ace Combat married Counter-Strike; round-spawn based, customizing aircrafts, and fun to play that doesn’t have to be %100 realistic.

What I was able to do so far is settle the control (Easiest part), and manage network connectivity in a way. As in, players can now log in and control their own flight and be seen across the server.

What I need to learn right now is:

  • How to make a player shoot a missile and be seen across the server.
  • How to make teams.
  • Hack my own way of servers listing and broadcasting.
  • Other stuff to be discovered as I go along with my journey.

Here’s a preview of what I’ve been able to do so far. I suffered to understand how to do network stuff in Unity and I’m just scratching the surface. There’s just sooooooo many things I need to think, recode, rethink, rerecode, rerethink, rererecode… And it goes on and on.


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