Digital drugs? lulz


A friend of mine shared this video with me today like “OMG SNOW CRASH IS BECOMING A REALITY LULZ”:

(Here's an "Al Arabiya" link too!)

There’s no way in hell this could happen and it’s basically some bullshit someone decided to pull out to get parents freaked out and maybe few more hits and views (Or dumb government officials *ahem*).

Basically, according to the news (Both video and link), this kind of new digital drug is vicious and killer and prevent it and OMGISTHATGODZILLA. Well, it’s not.

Here’s a short version of this phenomena:

This is called “Binaural Beat“. In simpler explanation, it’s an acoustic illusion that affects the brain when two audio sources have slight differences in frequencies. It’s the same effect you’d get from meditation, listening to relaxing music (AKA Death Metal), listening to horrible music that’d give seizure (AKA Dubstep), listening to whitenoise, and so on and so forth.

That being said, it can have an intense effect if your brain is hypnotize-able or you’re easily affected by Placebos. Otherwise this isn’t any better than listening to Enya, for example or maybe صبوحة خطبها نصيب.

Just google “Binaural Beats” and “I-Doser”. I’ll make it easier for you:

Or hell, just search for those two terms in Reddit. You’ll read people’s experience in it and thoughts.

If the wikipedia links are too TL;DR, check these two out:

Side notes:

  • I haven’t posted anything for a VERY long time because, well, because I don’t own my time anymore (Work) and, well, I got married virtually two months ago so things are hectic. This goes to my free time to sit down and code my own stuff… So yeah, I’m off radar for a while.
  • Kids, don’t believe ANYTHING shared on social media or by Whatsapp. At the very least, verify the content then decide (And share if you personally believe people should know about it and it’s true)
  • Banana!

One thought on “Digital drugs? lulz

  1. I got married virtually two months ago so things are hectic.

    What?! you got married!

    Congratulations man! This is great news. I’m really happy for you, and wish you and your family the very best.

    I can’t stop grinning like an idiot as I type this 🙂

    But yeah, you can kiss your free time and projects goodbye. (unless your wife is a geek, or is turned into one.)

    Minor nitpick: bananas are very good source of a plethora of vitamins and minerals, and has been dubbed one of the healthiest food you could eat. And to top it off, they’re RADIOACTIVE. I abhor you inclusion of it as a side notes, as if it wasn’t good enough to be the subject of this post. Heck, it should have its own, dedicated post. You, sir, should feel bad for not giving bananas the respect they deserve, nay, DEMAND.

    That is all.

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