OK I think I went a little too far :3

I haven’t posted for a while because I was in Qatar for a training course week there <blush>and I slacked too</blush> (I think <blush> and <sarcasm> tags should be introduced to the standard too).

Anyway, the course is over and by the next day, we went on malling spree to buy stuff for our beloved people (In our case, my friend didn’t buy a thing so I did… Muahahaha)

So, while I was about to go and pay at Virgin Megastore’s counter, this happened:

*Wild Philipino appears*
Philipino: Sir, would you like to engrave logos on your iPhone cover?
Me: I don’t have an iPhone so that’s useless to me, sorry
Philipino: We can engrave on many things! Here’s an HTC demo
*Wild Philipino uses engraved HTC demo phone*
Me: Can you engrave on iPad, leather case and my phone?
Philipino: Yes!
Me: Hmmmm…
*Me thinks deeply*
Friend: Nyanca… OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE!?
Me: HAH! Can I use your internet to show you what I want you to engrave?
Philipino: Ofcourse
*Me uses the internet for great justice*
*Me shows Wild Philipino a picture of Nyancat and what to engrave on each and what not

And now, I present you the results:

Also, when I was waiting in the airport to submit my bag and all, I drew this on my iPad’s crayon app out of boredom:

Somebody stop me? NOT!

2 thoughts on “OK I think I went a little too far :3

  1. Phone-wise, it’s perfect for my needs.

    Although I can’t buy stuff because the Marketplace isn’t open for middle east yet (Also, needs much more apps)

    But as a phone and OS, love it <3

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