NSLog(@”Hello, Qlendar!”);

At least that’s how Objective-C programmers like to say it 😛

There isn’t much to say about introductions here, except beware! I am not Q8Geek 😛

So .. What am I doing here? Apparently, I happened to be asked to develop the iOS version of Qlendar, and I happened to accept. What coincidences! Anyway.. That is to say, expect Qlendar iOS updates to be mainly coming from me. Or wait, let me rephrase that.. I will ONLY be blogging about iOS Qlendar updates :P. Q8Geek is free to post updates about it, too (duh).

So, first update? Expecting something good? awesome? epic?!

Sorry about the disappointment, but nothing like that is going to happen. We shall see an awesome post AFTER the app is officially live!

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