Did we finally find a way to predict earthquakes?

Yes, back to blogging random stuff. And this time, its something a bit more interesting than your average “OMG I’M WETTING MYSELF OVER THE NEW IPADZ 982734692876” or “Bitch please, the new iPad is heating like a carhood in Kuwait summer!” and start your usual argument and bashing. This is about science and nature.

Anyway, to make it short, some Japanese scientist discovered a way to predict earthquakes by a technology that is use nowadays in so many devices; GPS!

Yes, so the thing goes like this:
The GPS electrons on earth increases and decreases according to the satellite position (Which is normal). But, an hour before the earthquake, these electrons increases and gets out of that curve and then disrupts when the earthquake occurs.

Things aren’t confirmed. But the guy found the same thing happening in previous scenarios too. So let’s just hope that this actually is THE lead to predict earthquakes!


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