No more beta Google Chrome browser for linux!

Google has finally released the first official stable version of Chrome web browser  for the linux platform! This means that -hopefully- one can use Chrome on linux without seeing the “Oh snap-page killed!” most of the time! Even though Google officially released it, it did not make a package for all popular distos! It did only provide packages for Debian and Fedora, in other words for the debian package manager and rpm! Yes, ubuntu, fedora, suse, and others!


Psst, it is possible to install package deb or rpm package managers to be able to install these, but i dont recommend it!


3 thoughts on “No more beta Google Chrome browser for linux!

  1. About damn time ! Seriously what the hell took so long? -_-

    Now they should release Picasa 3.5 for Linux (which they abandoned in favor of windows and mac version -_-) and they also should make it work native instead of using wine binaries for it to work :@

  2. @MalikDaHater: Really?! I thought i would be the other way!! Glad you told me 😀 now i can piss off some people!!!

    @Fencer: If google is trying to make Picasa 3.5 with WINE instead of making a native one, sorry google, but i believe google is dumb!!!

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