New unnamed element in the Periodic Table!!

Well, I’m not a chemistry guy… But this is something (I personally think) awesome!

According to Cosmos Magazine, This unnamed element is created by striking a %10 speed of light of charged zinc ion at lead atoms…

This element boils at 300 °C and it’s in liquid state in room temperature (I hope they’re not referring to Kuwait by that 300 °C 😛 )

It has 112 protons (Not the Indonesian car!!) and 166 neutron and its half-life (NOT THE GAME YOU IDIOTS!!) is as short as 0.24 milliseconds.

Curious? Check the Cosmos Magazine article for more details.

4 thoughts on “New unnamed element in the Periodic Table!!

  1. interesting how the periodic table is beind updated!!
    Schools need to revise their books by now. Kuwait will update it in 20-40 years from now I guess!!

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