N900 joins my army!!

Some of my friends know my story with N900… It wasn’t a pleasing start, but the journey is quite intertaining…

Anyway, I went to Alghanim X-CITE to buy it (Costs 170KD cash)… Went back home… Installed my favorite softwares and all…

I even installed Aircrack-ng and Macchanger… But here’s what pissed me off (Actually, I was cool with it until eLeet bitched about it) is that the mic doesn’t work. As in, I have to connect my mic.

Anyway, I went to Alghanim (2 days after) telling them that the mic doesn’t work. They sent me to FCC (Kuwait’s Nokia authorized seller\workshop\whatever) to check and report.

I went to FCC and they said they have to send it to their workshop for 1 week… Yes, as if I’m going to wait for a week with no mobile…

I went back to Alghanim, they replaced the phone in the spot.

Now, went back home with the new mobile (And the mic works!), re-installed my shit and more… And now I’m enjoying the hell out of it… Good softwares as a start… Good sound system and awesome headset…

I just love Maemo… Native terminal… Multi-tasking… Can run 10 apps in the same time safely without any sign of lag or latency…

Now, here’s a hint on how to install Aircrack-ng and others:

Go to App. Manager >> Application Manager (Click on top bar) >> Application catalog >> New >> Fill in the following:

Catalog name: Maemo extras-devel
Web address: http://repository.maemo.org/extras-devel
Distribution: fremantle
Components: free non-free

Click save

Then update App. manager and check the packages there and you’ll find’em both (Or you can just apt-get update\upgrade\install aircrack-ng macchanger)…

I’ll keep poking around with it and probably update things… I still haven’t forgotten about my operation, I’m just waiting for some good timing =D

7 thoughts on “N900 joins my army!!

  1. Thanks all… And yes, I can root it (Or how would I’ve been able to run aircrack-ng\macchanger?)

    In fact, I might take it for a spin and probably give a video demonstration on doing it =D

  2. LOL good story and it have a good price too (considering the price of the mobiles these days ) i thought it would be at least 200 and something…congrats on the new phone 🙂
    now I understand why my brother calls it the best although he don’t own one…maybe will in the future.

  3. I just got the N900 as well and I’m really liking it. Don’t know if you have seen this or not, but check out this link.
    Gonna be fun to see how that turns out. Also waiting for Meego.

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