Apple Unviels it’s TABLET PC – FINALLY!

Ok before I even bothered myself in reading the specs, details and all that crap from Apple’s new product. I just took one look at the tablet PC image and I was like “WTF?! That’s just a giant Iphone/touch? Seriously?!” AND Guess what, I WAS RIGHT!! It IS a giant Iphone/touch! After going through it’s specs, I was not surprised at all. It’s a typical Apple product marketing scheme. You be the judge.


Device Name: Apple IPAD
Weight: 1.5 pounds.
Screen Size: 9.7-inch touch screen.
Processor: 1GHz Apple A4 chip developed by P.A. Semi team.
Battery Life: 10-hours
Operating System: Iphone OS 3.2
Storage Size: 16, 32, and 64GB.
Camera: Shit NO!
Built-in Crap: Speaker, Microphone, accelerometer, USB Slot, Memory Card Slot and a compass.
Connectivity: Bluetooth, 802.11n WiFi and optional 3G (Yes there is a price Tag for the 3G version ALONE)
3G Plan: The 3G version runs on AT&T service. There are two planes that they have come up. 250MB for $14.99 and the unlimited plan for $29.99 a month contract-free.

Alright. Now that the specs are out of the way get ready to break your wallet apart for the price tags.

16GB = $499
32GB = $599
64GB = $699

BUT WAIT! What about if You wanted the 3G Model? How much will that cost? Simple, to get that just add $130 dollars extra to any of the models above to get the 3G feature. SERIOUSLY!?!!

To conclude, do you guys honestly think this product is worth the purchase? I know Apple fan boys won’t say no to it. WHERE on EARTH do these guys get their money from?!!


8 thoughts on “Apple Unviels it’s TABLET PC – FINALLY!

  1. it also doesnt support flash which makes it pretty much useless imo
    people if u need portable internet, get a freeking netbook and a 3g internet device . or if u have to just get an iPhone

  2. lowpowered and overpriced. and on top of that, you get Apple’s ridiculous DRM ‘issues’ as a bonus.
    seriously, apple is shaping up to be even worse then Microsoft.

  3. Just as I expected from Apple, so I wasn’t shocked, though the hype around it IS shocking. And anyhow Tablet PC’s are the next big thing, every PC manufacture are making/planning one, so why should I choose Apple? 🙂

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