My GT5 review

I’ll try to make it really short because I haven’t discovered everything in the game yet.

What I liked:
* Leveling. I loved how you level your account to be able to get into races and stuff by either license or doing races.
* B-Spec. I really loved how you can hire drivers and do the B-Spec thing. And I loved the fact that each driver has his own specs and leveling.
* Graphics. They’re just beautiful… Though the shadow is a bit freeky… Then again, most of games have retarded shadow system 😛
* Physics and simulation. no one can argue with that… No one.
* Garage. I like the new garage where you can change the oil (Remember, change the oil when you first buy a used car), engine cleaning thingy, body rigging and painting the whole thing.
* Layout. Really arranged layout. Special races have their own button, A-Spec have their own button and so does the B-Spec… It’s just neatly arranged.
* Random stuff. Like, flashing the car infront of you (Doing it Kuwaiti style yawalad yeeeeeeew!!), wiping the windows, being inside the car (Which btw, I didn’t realize Renault have a crazy interior)

What I hate:
* The initial server down. Then again, that happens to so many games
* Collision. Not really satisfying… But maybe because I have the original heavy body… Or maybe it just sucked… Iunno

I’ll either modify this post whenever I encounter something new, or write a V2 of it xD

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