Auto focus a reversed-ringed mounted lens

You seriously don’t know how useful this hack is (But then again, I must find a destroyed Sony Alpha camera to be able to do that [I have a better modification in mind]).

I think the picture speaks for itself. But I’ll explain it a bit more just in case no one knows what the hell am I talking about.

There’s this reverse ring mount where you screw in the camera’s mount that enables you to reverse the lens. Doing that will give you sick magnifications!
But, there won’t be auto focus and you’ll need some crazy light to be able to get a really good picture.

So, this guy salvaged a camera mount of a busted camera (I hope… Or it’ll be a waste of a good used-to-be-functioning camera). Glued some wires from the lens to the camera’s mount and he got auto focus!

So smart that I might go to Sony Dealership here in Kuwait and ask for destroyed cameras xD


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