My adventure with GUST Episode 5, Project Terminated!

It has been confirmed by Q8BKman and DeathGram that our son, the one who didn’t get the chance to see the world, the one who didn’t reach a year of his life, GOT KILLED!!

The evil company did it, it’s the project terminator, it’s GUST!!!! GUST, the IT people over there knew about ubuntu all the time and they were logging it, as i was told. I think they were logging our log!! The murderers knew there were people using it, but they formatted the pc, deleting Ubuntu and installing Windows Vista!!!


Yes, you did kill it, but didn’t kill the one who adopted it! therefore YOU SHALL PAY!! I will have my revenge one day. And I mean it!

Any Ideas are welcomed, and as for il-3aza, it’s down below

17 thoughts on “My adventure with GUST Episode 5, Project Terminated!

  1. DAYMN!
    POOR PC!
    well, rmmbr when i told u about how u can print remotely on the xerox machine ?
    try to use some other pcs to boot ubuntu
    or better yet
    try to connect your ubuntu to the university network
    connect to some printers and start printing some ubuntu fliers
    say in them smthng like:
    We want ubuntu, support open source
    give us an ubuntu lab

  2. lol, would be extra funny, but to gain access from my house i’ll need to play with their router, which is almost impossible! But i like the idea of printing ubuntu stuff, a virus can do that for me!

    You’ll regret this GUST!!!

  3. THEY KILLED IT!! enta ma3endik masha3er killesh!

    “accept and move on. you never had the right to install ubuntu on their pcs in the first place.” But i didnt delete windows, so they should do the same! I kept theirs, they keep ours!

  4. revenge you say, BBQ i smell, delay your revenge plans till i graduate i plan on tickling the servers too, just to prove to a few people somethings 😛

  5. Why would I? … All I can say is this: “Don’t bite the hand that feeds.” …

    Taking revenge isn’t wise. Specially since they’re your university. Being a bad boy would harm more than benefit you.

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