Going ternary!?

Unfortunately, this won’t be applied anytime soon (Atleast not my lifespan)…

We all know that computer’s transistors can only have two states; high or low (0 or 1). Which is why they call it binary…

But this Chinese dude was able to pull off some organic molecule that can have three states; high, medium or low (0, 1 or 2).

I remember my Electronic Circuits II Doctor in PAAET:CTS telling me that Russians wanted to do ternary computer system rather than binary but they failed because the transistors can only be in two states… Now this!?

You know what that means? Larger storage with smaller devices is the least I could think of right now!!


One thought on “Going ternary!?

  1. Well, he said they failed because, they had trouble with the numbering system not the idea itself

    but thats true, more space == more games + more movies + more anime = more fun


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