“MOOoooooooo!!!” said the cow.

Well I didn’t know what to write as a title =P

Anyway, a research in Tal Aviv suggests that feeding cow milk to infants (less than 15 days old) might give children less allergy towards milk.

Doctors usually suggests not to do that because infants can’t digest the sugar in cow milk. But according to this research, feeding a small amount wouldn’t hurt and it would actually benefit the kids in the long run (And you so they don’t poop and fart whenever they drink milk… Or start itching like a crazy dog\cat).


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    and hey maybe we can overcome the problem of kids not being able to digest the sugar! It’s simple, just before you give them milk, make them drink 1/4 a cup of HCl 😀 mixing milk and HCl is also an option!

    You try it with your kids tonight, and let me know if i’m gonna win a prize 🙂

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