Don’t bite the hand that feeds. And don’t feed the hand that bites.

I got this image few days ago off IRC which the guy shared got it through BBM.

I swear, 10 days salary deduction and “Warning” isn’t enough.

Yes, we have retarded students. So does every other country… But stabbing the country’s honor and people like that?

8 thoughts on “Don’t bite the hand that feeds. And don’t feed the hand that bites.

  1. he probably said it when he was extremely upset, but that doesn’t give him the right to say what he said. and a 10 day salary deduction doesn’t seem enough.

    however, there might have been other circumstances that lead the council to go easy on him (not documented on the same page). we don’t know all the details, so how can we say that the punishment isn’t enough.

    still, he shouldn’t have gone that far.

    1. Regardless the circumstances, if a teacher must snap, he must snap on the student(s) he has issues with, not the whole country!

  2. I’m with SIGTERMer.
    He MUST be punished, however we should not judge if it is enough or not upon this piece of paper.
    We do not know what triggered him to snap. How do you know that others did not say any racist or humilating comments.

  3. LOL, it seems the teacher was out of his mind atm! BTW, come on i gotta admit, no. 6 is hilarious! DIE INSECTS!

    No, im not angry or anything, And yes i am a kuwaiti. It’s just because i dont care what people say! If you were to heed to everybody’s mouth, than i’d be pretty sure you’re not sane!

    And yeah, probably the students were taking it to the extreme!

  4. I know how bullies our students (Not to mention where the school is) can be, wise men just won’t snap in a way to leave themselves this vulnerable.

    Things aren’t that clear, true.

    But wise men would be way smarter than this.

    1. My translation (Skipping introductions and stuff)

      The teacher violated some rule and spoke with inappropriate words and they are:
      1- You have no respect and honor.
      2- The stinkiest Syrian is better than the most honorable person Kuwaiti.
      3- You people are %10 respectful, the rest are dogs and no good.
      4- Our weak minds made us decided to teach the likes of you.
      5- You, Kuwaitis, are people that shouldn’t be respected.
      6- You’re bugs.

      Due to that, we’re going to deduce 10 days of your salary and give you a warning. Watch it or your punishment will be worst.

      My translation isn’t perfect anyway…

  5. ofc. i don’t know the whole story but sig is right…he shouldn’t have gone this far.
    if i’m on the ” let the anger take over me” side i’d say : **** him and the moment i see him im gonna spit on him and probably will wait for him outside and beat the hell out of him not to mention smashing his car.
    if im on the teacher’s side i’d say : i know how some of the misbehaved students in kuwait can get but still he doesn’t have the right to say what he said but since he’s in kuwait im expecting he’s not here out of love…im thinking he need the money so ten days out of job should really affect him and made him respect the country if not for the people in it then at-least for the life and money they’re giving him.

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