13 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7 on October?

  1. eek! automatic photo sharing!!! Not a good one!!! for me at least! .. i know i know the user would have the ability turn off that feature!

    btw, this made me laugh at M$; they’re trying to compete, yet they’re losing! HAHA! ma7ad 8a3ed ya36eehom wayh!

    1. They’ve lost %2, but %19 isn’t “they’re trying to compete”, they are “competing”. Plus, this is based on WinMo 6.x … No one knows if WinPho 7 would make a hit or not.


    2. competition is good == drives people to inactivate == more features for us
      where would the linux desktop be without windows. nothing.

        1. The main point of my comment was about competition and how it improves (in this context) mobile systems.
          Desktops were mentioned merely as a supportive argument. you’re the one going off topic by focusing on a small detail.

          you stay on topic -_-

          1. Wait, what? I stay on topic? We talk about mobiles, we stick to mobiles…

            We don’t talk about atomic bombs as a supportive argument when the topic goes by solving mathematical things.

  2. lol. your last comment was off topic. The message you were trying to convey in the last reply was that I am wrong, and has nothing to do with windows7(the main post), mobiles features (my first comment), or even mobiles.

    And for your information, atomic bombs would make a great example when talking about mathematics (that’s why math textbooks are full of physics examples/problems). open any book if you don’t believe me.

    besides, don’t you think there are other more appropriate places to have this off-topic discussion? like, say, a certain forum we both know 😉

    1. How is Windows 7 the main post? Windows 7 != Windows Phone 7…

      And yes, a topic that is made to explains Fethagorth (Or whatever the guy’s name) theories is so directly related to how atomic bombs works…

      1. going further off topic…
        Stop nitpicking at trivial mistakes. you know what I meant.
        And as for the mathematics thing, I don’t need to argue here since it’s self evident. Just open any mathematics book.
        this is getting lame.

        back to the subject: I think microsoft is came too late into the game to compete with expected (if not current) market leaders google and apple. even though they put a lot of effort into windows mobile 7, the current gap between microsoft and it’s two competitors is just too large (especially with the app stores of both getting a head start).
        Also, the fact that android is open source might be the key reason why it’s able to compete with apple. so:
        – Android is open source, unix-like, and customizable.
        – iOS4 is.. has its fanbois, and people think it’s cool.
        – Microsoft mobile 7 is… ?

        1. Microsoft Phone 7 Is a smartphone OS that isn’t out in the market yet.

          Considering what you can do with the OS (It has .NET framework that can almost recompile any code written for PC[Windows] to work on the mobile with less efforts, ZUNE sync, XNA framework which one can build games easily on and XBOX360 arcade games), one can expect good stuff coming out of it.

          Yes, not much apps are available to it, but apps will be made. Just like how Android and Maemo started.

  3. oh my, did i start all of that!? anyways, i just wanned to say what i’ve said subconsciously when i read sig’s comment, it went like this:

    – Android is open source, unix-like, and customizable.
    – iOS4 is.. has its fanbois, and people think it’s cool.
    – Microsoft mobile 7 is for losers

    lol, sorry! again, i said that subconsciously!

    and hmm, … what might be the reason behind M$ making another phone OS?! They already have M$ mobile, and now M$ Phone 7! … i smell “phailling”!

    1. Microsoft Mobile 7 is for losers?

      DUDE! THE SYSTEM IS NOT OUT YET!!! People claimed the same thing about Windows 7 and now it is selling in a 7 copies per second average since their release!

      And yes, Microsoft has WinMo6.X which, well, they’re going to have Windows Phone 7… Just like how Googlw had Android v1.X and now they have v2.2 and just like how iPhone\Pod\Pad had iPhone OS and now they have iOS 4.

      Can’t judge before it gets released with few punches in the first few months to start with just like any other thing gets released.

      Smell “phailing”? You sure its not your socks? 😛

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