Microsoft Installfest Tomorrow!

Anxious Nut just tipped me off about a Microsoft install-fest taking place tomorrow. apparently Microsoft finally realized how screwed it is, and decided to give away most of there lousy software for free. the giveaway includes your choice of windows 7 or XP (both professional/pro) and an option of windows server, expression blend three (whatever that is), project pro 2007, SQL server 2008 (don’t know if it’s express or the full version), vision pro 2007, visual studio 2008, XNA game studio 3, and (wtf) exchange server.
For those interested, it’ll be at 5aldiah campus (9 kh). Personally, I don’t know if this is the real deal or not. but it’s worth checking out.
be warned that this may only be for KU students. Take that GUSTers. ha!

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