This is how you laugh while programming!!

OK, so I was bored in Starbucks and wanted to waste my time… So I thought of writing a LOLCODE program.

I had hard time successfully writing it to be honest. Leaving the fact that I laughed like an idiot while everyone is looking at me with the “WTF!?” facial expression, the syntax weren’t that clear and the .NET compiler wasn’t that clear.

In any event, here’s the code:

HAI                                                                                                                         BTW software stars here

I HAS A VAR                                                                                                       BTW this declares a variable named “VAR”

VISIBLE “GIMMEH NOM KOUNT!”                                                             BTW this prints “GIMMEH NOM KOUNT!” on screen

GIMMEH VAR                                                                                                     BTW this waits for input and stores it in VAR

IM IN YR LOOP NERFIN YR VAR TIL SAEM VAR AN 0                   BTW loop until VAR == 0 while decreasing VAR

VISIBLE “:onom “!                                                                                             BTW print “nom ” with a bell. the ! is to delete the /n

IM OUTTA YR LOOP                                                                                         BTW done looping

VISIBLE “:):)OH NOES!! NO MOAR NOMS!! OMGWTFBBQ!”             BTW show complain that there’s no noms left… Bohoho

KTHXBYE                                                                                                              BTW end of software

Compiled code? It’s here… Just extract the files somewhere and run’em (Seems like the .EXE file alone wouldn’t work)

BTW == “//”
VISIBLE == “cout”
GIMMEH == “cin”
KTHXBYE == “return 0;”

You’ll laugh even more when you read the specs

Seriously, I couldn’t stop laughing… I hope the guys can improve it more!!

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