Alive 2010: Fun while it lasted =D

Due to some fucked up circumstances the show got canceled halfway through (More like in the first few hours) for some fucked up lamer reasons than actions…

However, I DID enjoy myself shaking my butt to the songs and falling off my back listening to the duo spilling jokes like a September rain (Wait, What?).

Anyway, I’ve been only able to save these 8 pictures due to the fact that I was saving up for the upcoming bands (Which unfortunately couldn’t show up), so I hope you like’em =D

"Alive 2010" 03

"Alive 2010" 01

"Alive 2010" 07

Before we all cuss at the rock scene here in Kuwait, lemme clarify something:

Kitsune wrote this wonderful post about what happened there. Knowing him, he have been involved in the scene since I was in diapers (Not literally though). So he has a better way of writing things.

However, I’d like to note some things:
1) The crowd were so responsive… I can safely say they had the right to go a little bit wilder but they didn’t appreciating the guys who pulled off their magical efforts into bringing such a wonderful event (With real stage!)
2) I felt so old blending with the crowd… Haven’t blended that much in, but I’m so old compared to the majority of’em
3) GUST sucks ass with a straw for canceling the show for a lamer excuse such as “The crowd weren’t controllable”

I was hoping that this event would change how Kuwait think about the rock scene, and it kinda did, but needs much more time. The guys at Rockability pulled an insane stunt there to successfully lead this event until GUST’s dean canceled the show.

There’s always tomorrow…

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