Mac App store fail

If you think Windows Phone 7 Marketplace failed, this fails harder xD

You can use an app that you didn’t pay for as if you’ve paid for it as easy as copy-pasting some files from a free app that you’ve downloaded to another that you downloaded but you didn’t pay for yet… Or something like that…

Mac App Store was released few days ago and it already got hacked as apposed to Microsoft’s Marketplace which took a little while to do.
That, and whoever exploited Marketplace didn’t disclose any tutorial on doing it and reported for Microsoft to fix while the whoever hacked this App store didn’t.

This is so tasty for me because a friend of mine decided to write Mac Apps (As his first attempt to write codes) because they don’t get cracked… How immature xD

What we have learned here:
Windows users are more loyal to Microsoft than Mac OSSUCKS (Try saying “OSX”… It’s really close to “OSSUCKS” xD)… And I’ve learned that I’m hungry…


4 thoughts on “Mac App store fail

  1. Now that you mention that app store and app market both got their paid system cracked, I should be taking a look at Ubuntu software center since they got their paid system up for a while now! Maybe another crack?

  2. a lot of people don’t realize that if someone has software and can run it. there is always a way to re-distribute it.

    if you want to make money, code for macs/apple. that’s the only real reason to code for it.

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