Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy

first i would like to thank “Loolykinns Teh P1r473” for giving me such an opportunity.

I have been a metal gear fan since the MGS on the playstation, you have to admit it is a very good game… to be more exact its the BEST game so far.

anyways the above image is from a fan based movie that is supposed to be released soon, by soon i mean this month as the creators have said.

Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy is the name of the movie that is being developed by Hive division, the movie is a ‘non-profit no budget’ movie, saying that gives you the feeling of something crappy being thrown in the blender, yet from what i’ve seen over their site it is pretty impressive, i have been keeping track of these guys since about 3 years ago, or maybe 2 am not sure, what am sure about is that they invested a lot of their time in making this which just tells you how devoted they were.

here is the first trailer:

Few days ago the developing team released a statement saying that Aoife Ferry will be singing the ending track of the movie, for those of you whom does not know who the hell is Aoife Ferry, she is the same person that sang the ending track “the best is yet to come” on the first mgs on ps1.

here is her song:

so all of you MGS fans hop in, and those who at least like or liked it, i say give it a try its free after all.

for more info:
MGS: Philanthropy, official site

2 thoughts on “Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy

  1. is it open source :p
    seriously, I never played MGS, but from what i can see (this browser doesn’t have flash), i might give it a chance. like you said, it’s free

  2. open source???
    never thought movies could be open source!!
    try to see the trailers.

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