Metal Gear Mega Update!!

After going through my finals and failing trigonometry -_-, it’s now time to get back here.

Anyways for all metal gear fans this is one heck of an update, BEWARE you might lose track of the info your getting since there will be a lot.

Let’s start shall we:

We all witnessed  the countdown timer at Kojima’s website, I personally waited for it to finish since there was a minute left, after the countdown timer was done and countless refresh hit the announcement is revealed which is “METAL GEAR SOLID: RISING”


The new game is going to star cyborg Raiden as the main character, no more snake, the game is a multiplatform meaning that it will be released on xbox360, PS3, and PC, as I recall all metal gear solid games had a “tactial espionage action” phrase, yet this one has “lightning bolt action”, printed on it (see image above^)

here is something i consider as a semi-rumer:
Kojima will not be working directly on the game, i heard he say that this game is for the younger gamers, instead he is going to fully supervise what he called a true sequel to the serious that will be released only on the PSP:
“Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker”

I will not comment…

anyways jumping on to the fans side, last (rather first!!) post i wrote was on MGS: philanthropy, a fan made movie based on MGS, well on my regular web surfing the other day i ran into another fan made movie 0.0 this one is made in Czheck ^_-, if you didn’t know philanthropy is basically an Italian product and now this, that makes me wonder where is hollywood ??(I think i know).
anyway back to the Czheck movie it’s called “Metal Gear: Outer Heaven”

the movie is based on the first Metal Gear movie that was released on nes.
they actually are ‘done’ with the movie, and it’s available on their website (at end of post) and as a streamed movie over youtube (link in webby too) BUT!!
I have seen it, and I feel insulted , it was seriously a wasted hour of my life and of a 200000$ dollars projecter’s lamp life(university resources :P), only good thing they did is that they had the real voice of david hayter (snake), nug.

Kojima once announced a MGS movie in production and was set to release on 2010, but since he did nothing happened which eventually had him and david hayet say that the project is off, here is a link to a interview with david hayter talking about lost planet and metal gear:
Collider interview
do watch the interview since he gives hints about the movie.

Last thing in this post is the metal gear solid Arcade, basically it’s just like the online metal gear solid game yet this one is arcade, enough said.

Metal Gear: Outer Heaven
Metal Gear Scholar on MGS rising

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