I know this would be disgusting and disturbing, but I’m bored…

I was bored in my work (I’m writing this while I’m there actually), so I thought of visiting XKCD’s period comic… Laughed my ass out and thought of actually calculating it…

So, Since the Time is 28 days, calculating T would be by converting Days to Seconds like this:
28 (Number of days) x 24 (Hours in a day) x 60 (Minutes in an hour) x 60 (Seconds in a minute) = 2419200 = T

f = 1/T
f = 1/2419200 = 4.1335978835978835978835978835979e-7

Yes, I’m this bored here… I’m in a training week and the amount of stuff to learn per day is very little…

8 thoughts on “UTERUS-HERTZ!!

  1. PeevishGuy:
    In your case, you calculated a week… We wanna calculate 28 days…

    Which in your case, it could’ve been like this:
    T = 4 (Number of weeks) x 7 (Days in a week) x 24 (Hours in a day) x 60 (Minutes in an hour) x 60 (Seconds in a minute) which should lead to the same result…


    I might apply some equations and come up with fictional theories to understand woman soon… I have few in mind… I wonder how things will turn to 😛

  2. I should come up with different approaches… Who knows, we MIGHT find something interesting 😛

  3. This is the first result on Google for “uterus hertz.” I was looking for the comic but I came here to see if there was anything interesting.

    But the reason I am posting is that you all seem to have neglected the fact that the answer is in the title text of the comic (the text that appears when you hover the mouse over the comic). Just letting you know.

    Blog poster has it right: 413 nHz, according to Randall Munroe.

    Also, I suggest taking a look at the text “Flickr Gallery” at the top right of your page–interesting how the second and third letters compose to form a U (I’m using Firefox on XP with your default/medium font size, for what it’s worth). No personal gripes if that’s intentional, just pointing it out.

  4. Woah, this is the first result in Google? Something must be wrong!

    And yes, Randall Munroe got it right, but I felt like doing it anyway, which I’m not wrong as well…

    Now mentioning the Fuckr up there, I just realized it and I’m going to keep it (Atleast until I find a better theme for the blog)

    Thanks for the feedback, appreciated and drew a laugh on me face =D

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