I bought an Xbox360!!

Yes… I’m a PS3 fanboy… But I love Ace Combat 6 so much that HAWX became human waste whenever I compare it to Ace Combat 6… Which is why I had to buy this console…

Now, I can safely bring the XBOX360 vs PS3 fights to surface since I own both… I haven’t poked around much but soon I will…

Some would think I’m a hypocrate for bashing XBOX360 and then buying one… Well, XBOX360 was in my wishlist since Ace Combat 6’s release (But then PS3 passion takes priority)…

And as a start, this console is more noisy than my damn car! I might as well find a way or two to change the fans or whatever >.>
Anyway, in case you’re interested in adding me, here’s my ID:


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