Live Android

while on the search about Chrome OS, i was introduced to Live Android which is a OS for T-Mobile G1.

they offered a free iso image to download so i did so, first trying to burn it into a cd but didn’t work so i used the virtual machine way.

Anyways.. it is quit basic, a simple mobile OS, the version i had was clean no extra apps, no nothing, there is a terminal in it, so its probably java built on linux or something like that.

if you want to give it a try click here.

8 thoughts on “Live Android

  1. So,

    Knoppix, Ubuntu, BackTrack and other live CDs exists which provides awesome features (specially security analysis tools)… Yet everyone choose (or atleast get the urge to use) Android and to-be Chrome OS…

    What’s wrong with you people?

  2. my guess there is nothing really wrong with the people they’re just heading to the best.

  3. What you’re trying to say is that, Andriod live CD is better than every single Linux distro live CD existed in this planet?

  4. I know i’m “dash 3ar’9” but, first of all the name “chrome” sucks, big time!
    you’d thing that a company with a cool name like google would come up with a better name. i thought google chrome (browser) was lame and i think that chrome os is also lame. the only good thing that i think will come out of it is MORE HARDWARE WITH LINUX SUPPORT. don’t get me wrong, If you ask me, they should have worked on an existing distro instead of reinventing the wheel.

    Google is an excellent company, but it made a wrong choice with both chromes (both in naming and approach)

    secondly, i think the terminal you saw was i python terminal, which is probably the most attractive thing about android.
    still don’t have an idea on what phone to buy. (need one with a good browser).

  5. the sole intention of me getting android was to see what the hell it is, frankly am new to the linux scene, i just got ubuntu on my laptop and downloaded puppy linux and DSL to try them out sometime soon.

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